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Since 1956, italian outdoor and indoor lighting

I.M.A.S. - Firenze

"For over fifty years of lighting experience, IMAS, located a few kilometers away from Florence, in Lastra a Signa; offered to their customers a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting products from Classic to Modern style. IMAS is well known Worldwide thanks to the process of hand crafting and handworks.
These are incentives to widen the range of our products highly valued and greatly demanded nationwide and overseas".

The leading role is played by the hands of our high-qualified decorators. All ceramic products' decoration is individually made piece by piece with more or less intricate pattern.


From the earth
the artefact slowly takes shape.....

Models are accurately and personally chosen by the owners who are always actively participating on the production cycles and are realized following the same ancient tradition of handcrafting "Tuscan Style". In each production phase the human input creates a unique style for our works.


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Via Livornese, n° 733 50055 Lastra a Signa - Firenze - Italia
Tel. 0039 055 8724658 - Fax 0039 055 8707556 - info@imasfirenze.com
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